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Standing Faculty

The faculty email lists have been established for communications regarding Wharton and University policies and other official information. The lists are not optional; faculty are subscribed automatically and may not leave the list. This ensures that official communications have been disseminated to all.

These lists are not used for solicitation of faculty or for any events for which faculty are charged a fee.
– Tenure and tenure-track faculty (circa 230 faculty)
– Associated Faculty (Practice, Adjuncts, and Visiting: circa 75 faculty)
– Academic Support Staff (Lecturers and Senior Fellows: circa 125 faculty)

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Student Lists

Undergraduate (4 classes)

wugr<2-digit graduation year>


MBA (2 classes)

whg<2-digit graduation year>


Executive MBA (2 classes East; 2 classes West)

38=Class of 2014 (extrapolate for other years)


Research and Seminar List

Publishes research and seminar presentations at Wharton.  Subscription is open to all.