Faculty Reporting

Standing faculty are required to submit the Faculty Annual Report (FAR) and the Annual Report of Extramural Activity for Compensation (Extramural Activity Report (EAR)) each Spring.  The exact due dates are established by the department chair.

Faculty Annual Report is available here: https://apps.wharton.upenn.edu/annualreport/index.cfm

Extramural Activity Report is available here: https://apps.wharton.upenn.edu/extramuralactivity/index.cfm

For further information, refer to the Faculty Handbook and the Wharton School Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

To make the process more efficient, both reports are pre-populated with some of the required information.  The FAR report is pre-populated with data from a variety of sources, including relevant data from any prior year’s report.  The EAR report is pre-populated with data which has been entered in Advance Approval Requests for Extramural Activity (also available at the link above).