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Faculty Roles: Non-Faculty Job Class Codes

(Faculty Job Class Codes start with a “2”):

For the first time this year, we are seeing that compensation revisions to roles (with job class codes not beginning with ‘2’) being input after July 1 are partially locked – not permitting an update to the “Annual Amount” field. This affects primarily the roles of Department Chair and Vice Dean. I have spoken with nearly half of the academic departments about this problem and have developed this policy with input from various departments and divisions.

Since this is not a problem when updating the salaries of the 200+ faculty, this problem seems to be linked to the fact that these roles have non-faculty job class codes (that is, they do not start with a ‘2’).

In order to create a record that can be accurately audited, the following procedure is recommended:

Updating an existing role: (Have the role appointment letter to support the dates of the role and the compensation.)

  1. Print the existing screen (or at least record the Position Number and Job Class Code)
  2. Disable the current role. Note: in order to disable a role it must have no current distribution and must have expired according to the end date.
  3. Add the role back. You will be able to add the Annual Amount and input the distribution.

Creating a role (Department Chair or Vice Dean change):

  1. Be sure that the prior holder of the role has no current distributions and the role is expired. Print the existing screen (or at least record the Position Number and Job Class Code)
  2. Disable the expired role for the prior appointment holder.
  3. Add the role for the new appointee.

All or nearly all of these appointments are compensated In the form of ‘ninths’, which assures that the compensation amounts are based on the holder’s academic base salary which has already been approved by the Office of the Provost. The academic base salary is not locked, so there is no need for additional review for entries based on this academic base value.

This policy is subject to revision and is submitted for comment. [18-JUL-2013]

UMIS Payroll Flowchart

Although UMIS has been replaced by PennWorks, this flowchart remains relevant for processing standing faculty appointments.

UMIS Payroll-DW-flowchart

UMIS Payroll Minimal Manual

Since UMIS remains the system for payroll processing behind the PennWorks application front-end, this document still has relevance.


UMIS Payroll Tips

UMIS Payroll Tips