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UMIS PAYROLL: the minimal introduction


Faculty Payroll Process – Data Procedures

The UMIS payroll system is a primary source for employee (faculty and staff) data in the university’s Data Warehouse. The data warehouse is the primary source of data and information for reports and applications at all levels of the university – colleges, divisions, departments, etcetera.

The Employee Demographic Information Form must be filled out before a facutly appointment can be processed. This will enable each appointment to be recorded in the UMIS Payroll system as soon as it is approved at the appropriate level by the Wharton Dean’s Office or the Provost’s Staff Conference for the University.

Please submit this form as a required part of the dossier to be submitted for the faculty appointment.

The Employee Demographic Information Form (MS Word97) is available at this site. Download it here.


Processing Faculty Appointments – General Rules



  • Class entry date: is the date of the first appointment (in sequence) to that job class. Note that each person can only enter a job class for the first time once.


If an individual has had an intervening appointment in another job class, it is appropriate to enter a new class entry date.

  • Begin date is the date the appointment begins. The end date is the date it ends. Note that assistant professors typically have two appointment periods of three years each. Lecturer Cs typically have a one-year appointment, followed by 2-three year appointments as Assistant Professor. The date must be changed when they are reappointed.
    • Extensions to assistant professor appointments are effective at the end of the current appointment. This is a future appointment. Therefore, you cannot enter the extension until 3-year appointment has terminated. The extension is typically for one year.

    In order to provide complete and more meaningful information on our database, enter the extension immediately, e.g. showing a 4-year Assistant Professor appointment immediately, rather than waiting to enter it at the time of the extension. We should know it is an extension, since there are not 4-year appointments.Extensions extend the current appointment; the start date doesn’t change.


    • All faculty with tenure should have their primary appointment expiration date = 99/99/99, which will show up as a ‘null’ or as a ’31-DEC-9999′ value in the data mart or in most systems other than the UMIS screens.

Job Screens (001 – 004):


  • TERM:Term must always be coded 1 or 2 (with only one possible exception) for a Standing Faculty appointment (Job Codes: 216000,216010,216000,206047). See the Data Warehouse documentation for code definitions.
  • Put emeritus professor, employment beyond retirement on the Emeritus Professor job screen.
  • % FULL-TIME:

    This field is important for calculating FTE faculty and staff.52 weeks X hours per week (35, 37.5,40, others?). The regular hours per week for the job class code can be determined from the job class table in the data warehouse.


    Supporting Documents:

    U of P. Data Warehouse (documentation):

    U of P. Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators

    U of P. A User’s Guide to the Penn Personnel/Payroll System

    Wharton School. Faculty Action Manual



    This document is an evolving document, intended to communicate and record general business rules and practices. It is intended to generate comment and improvements to these practices. Please direct all comments, corrections, and questions to: