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The Faculty Annual Report is available here. The Extramural Activity Report is available here.

For further information, refer to the Faculty Handbook and the Wharton School Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

The reporting period is different for research (calendar year) than for teaching (academic year).  Why not make the report consistent and report everything for the academic year?

This question has been asked since the beginning of the reports (2008) and is asked every year.

The publishing cycle is different from the teaching cycle.  In general, teaching loads are determined in the fall, whereas publishing happens on a different schedule.

In addition, some departments complete the reports early in the spring term, with others completing reports towards the end of the term. The report is intended to record actual activity, not predicted activity.

I’ve submitted my report and want to make a change.  Can you reopen my report?

Actually, while the reporting period is ongoing, each faculty member can reopen their report by going to the ‘Preview and Submit’ page and clicking the box in the center of the page: “UNLOCK SUBMITTED ANNUAL REPORT”

Similarly, if you have a revision to your vita, you can simply upload a new one and it will replace any previously uploaded copy for the current report year.